This information is to be used as reference only until updated information is available.

  • Split Roles – Regarding attendance: if your child is splitting a role with another child, you do NOT need to be at the theater during the performances in which your child is NOT performing. However, do not make plans – be available in the event that the other child is unable to perform for any reason.
  • Where can I buy tickets? Is there a discount?
    Tickets for the show with RPO can be purchased here. Tickets for Canandaigua can be purchased here. The discount for the RPO performance is determined by the RPO and has already expired. The discount for Canandaigua is CLARA and expires 11/19.
  • How do I know which performance my child is in?
    Please see the cast list and corresponding performance schedule: Nutcracker Casting
  • Are parents allowed backstage?
    No. RPO is a union theater and the area backstage is limited.  Access to backstage is permitted to authorized personnel only.
  • Are parents allowed in the dressing room?
    Only assigned parent volunteers during their shift are allowed!
  • Can I take pictures of my dancer in costume? Only if you are willing to pay the $10,000 fine!  RPO prohibits photography backstage and in the house and will charge you, not RCB!
  • Do the dancers get to keep the costume?
    Sorry! No!  The costumes are the property of RCB.  You keep the personal items purchased by you for your child: tights, shoes, wigs, leotards, etc.
  • My child is sick, what happens?
    Please contact Sueann Townsend, Company Manager immediately if your child is ill and cannot perform. An emergency phone # will be provided on your Nutcracker Parent ID Card.
  • Can my dancer leave when they are finished?  They are not in the finale.
    Unfortunately, no.  Security and supervision personnel are busy getting all of the children out of costume and organized to leave.  They have only enough time from the exit of the children from the stage to the end of the performance to complete this task so that everyone may leave in a safe and orderly manner.
  • Can my dancer leave between performances?
    ONLY IF they are signed out – following approved procedures OR if the parent/guardian has provided RCB with a signed consent form (for those students age 14 and older).
  • How can I give my dancer dinner between performances?
    If you would like to drop something off for your child, please drop off at the sign in table.  It will be delivered to your child’s dressing room. 14-17 YEARS OLD: May sign themselves out of & into Eastman Theatre between shows ONLY IF they have a signed RCB Parent Consent form on file. If they do not have a signed consent form they may be signed out of & into Eastman Theater between shows by a parent or guardian (18 yrs of age) with the applicable parent card as long as they do not have a scheduled rehearsal. They must be back by cast call.
  • Can you suggest some healthy snacks and activities for the dancers when they are in the dressing room?
    Please – CLEAR beverages only! Water is preferred. Nothing sticky or powdered (such as Doritos). Preferably dry snacks. Pretzels, ok! Apples, ok! NO NUTS!